EvasiveAngles – Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 3

Alejandra, Daniela, Evolet, Kika, Rosario, Sandra, Sofia, Tatiana
Latinas love sticking together- no matter how they do it. In this Love’s Kitty flick Latina mothers show their teens that not only are they there for her, they want to be inside of her. These chicas take loyalty to the next level as they exchange sweet pussy juices and amazing orgasms. You can feel the love so strongly, you will want to join in on all the fun! MEOW MEOW!!

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A las latinas les encanta permanecer juntas, sin importar cómo lo hagan. En esta película de Love’s Kitty, las madres latinas muestran a sus adolescentes que no solo están ahí para ella, sino que también quieren estar dentro de ella. Estas chicas llevan la lealtad al siguiente nivel mientras intercambian dulces jugos de coño y orgasmos increíbles. Puedes sentir el amor con tanta fuerza
¡querrás unirte a toda la diversión! ¡¡MIAU MIAU!!

Sandy Exchanges Sexual Favors With Her Older Mentor Yennifer
Having a mommy so eager to teach her girl all the tricks and secrets of sex is something Sandy will never take for granted, and she’s so glad her older mentor Yennifer takes time out of her every Thursday to come make sure her little honey’s pussy is well taken care of. She’d never get this type of attention from a man, so she’s always going to have a sexy mommy around to keep her pussy feeling great, and she’ll even return the favor!

Isabel Torvos Has A Horny Latina Mommy
Isabel Torvos is proud of her Latina heritage, and she sees no better way to embrace it than by having sex with her older mentor Josephina every Friday night. Having someone to teach her the ins and outs of being a sexy Lesbian means a lot to this freshly shaven vixen, who can’t get enough of her Latina Mommy’s round boobies and hard nipples eager to be touched.

Alejandra Has A Horny Latina Mentor
Alejandra loves the touch of an older woman, so her sessions with her naughty mommy Claudia get kinkier every time. Outside on a black leather couch is the perfect place for this pink haired pixie and her older mentor to go through the different positions they practice each time they get together for their sexual lessons involving a green dildo, and Claudia’s holes!

Evolet Has A Horny Latina Mommy
Evolet is a nasty girl with an even hornier Mommy who’s always ready to set a good example for her girl on how to be act appropriately as a female. They start the day with cunnilingus, and eventually move onto fingering, and this is enough to bring the fresh little pussy to climax as her older mentor penetrates it to completion on the crisp white sheets.

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