BangBros – ColombiaFuckFest – Emma – A Columbian Monster

Emma was the latest update (1 october) on Colombia Fuckfest on BangBros, and I can’t understand somebody noticed her.
19 Years old, Great face, tits, ass all natural and good skills… what a girl! She’s is easily in the top 3 best looking girls who did b/g imo.
It would be great if someone has some extra information about her. Damn what a beauty!

Pass: elcazadorxxx

We’ve been having the best time down here. The climate, the beaches, the parties. But nothing could’ve prepared us for Emma. She’s the hottest girl we’ve met. As soon as we saw her we were trying to convince her to take some pictures and videos. She said she would be down, but her time was valuable. Luckily for all of us, we came to an agreement and minutes later she was back at room.

Emma es una tía colombiana que disfruta a diario del buen clima en la playa y fiestas a todas horas! Tan pronto es vista por los chicos PornSpot, la interceptarán e intentarán convencerla para tomarse algunas fotos y vídeos con la promesa de hacedla famosa en las pasarelas!

Aceptará sin mucho contratiempo y veréis ese impresionante cuerpazo bajo las luces artificiales que iluminan una impactante cara angelical! Poco tiempo pasaréis para vedla haced todo tipo de cerdades con una jugosa polla, no os perdáis!

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